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PERSONA NON GRATA is the epic story of Frans Wuytack’s life. After thirty years of exile, he returns to South-America with his son, film director Fabio Wuytack. Their overwhelming journey reveals the Venezuelan slums, where Frans unchained a social and cultural revolution as a young priest in the 60’s. A blend of humorous and touching characters from the slums take Fabio on a voyage through the maze of his father’s fascinating past.

Prosecuted as a revolutionary...

banned as a priest... 
arrested as a rebel...
celebrated as an artist...

Nominations and official selections
  • IDFA / International Documentary Festival Amsterdam 2008 (Netherlands)

  • International Film Festival for Social Films 2008 (Antwerp/Belgium)

  • Guadalajara International Film Festival 2009 (Mexico)

  • Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival 2009 (Greece)

  • Visions Du Réel 2009 (Switzerland)

  • Latin American Film Festival 2009 (Netherlands)

  • Planete DOC review 2009 (Poland)

  • DOCVILLE 2009 (Belgium)

  • Athens International Film Festival 2009 (Greece)

  • International Documentary Film Festival 'Encuentros del Otro Cine' 2009 (Ecuador)

  • ROOFTOP Film Festival 2009 (NY/US)

  • Biografilm Festival 2009 (Bologna/Italy)

  • Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2009 (Estonia)

  • Documentary and Animated Film Festival 2009 (Cyprus)

  • Reykjavik International film festival 2009 (Iceland)

  • Ismailia International Festival for Documentary 2009 (Egypt)

  • Festival du Nouveau Cinema de Montréal 2009 (Canada)

  • DOCKANEMA, Festival du Film Documentaire de Maputo 2009 (Mozambique)

  • Documentary Festival of Chalkis 2009 (Greece)

  • Flanders International Latin America Film Festival (Belgium)

  • MiradasDOC (Tenerife/Spain)

  • International Documentary Film Festival of Uruguay (Uruguay)

  • Festival cinéma D’ATTAC (Belgium)

  • Film Festival Colores Latino Americanos (France)

  • Human Rights Film Festival (Bolivia)

  • Take One Action Film Festival (UK)

  • LATINO DOCS Film Festival (Toulouse / France)


  • Latin American and the Caribbean Film Festival: Cinemaissi (Finland)

  • Upcoming talent award / International Film Festival for Social Films (Antwerp/Belgium)

  • Culture prize / Sint Niklaas awards (Sint Niklaas)

  • Une étoile de la SCAM* (Paris/France)

  • BIOGRAFILM award / Bologna International Film Festival (Italy)

  • PTS festival achievements award (Taipei/Taiwan)

  • Special mention / Ismailia International Festival for Documentary 2009 (Egypt)

  • Best Human Rights Film / Flanders Latin American Film Festival

  • Best Documentary Director / International Documentary Film Festival of Uruguay

  • Best Editor / ATLANTIDOC Film Festival

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