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TWO HANDS / 5min

Palestine has only four cardiac surgeons and Mohammed Tamim is one of them. In 2003 he came to Belgium to specialize in pediatric surgery. But the second Intifada has made Mohammed a war surgeon and every day he is fighting his war. But despite it all, Mohammed has a dream that keeps him alive. Two Hands is a touching document about an intense personal grief. Director Fabio Wuytack creates a poetic visual bridge that goes beyond the here and now.
Nominations and official selections
  • Canadian World Wide Short Film Festival, Toronto (Canada)

  • Argos Film Festival (Brussels/Belgium)

  • Screening during the international day in memory of archbishop ROMERO of El Salvador (Brugge/Belgium)

  • Screening during peace congress at the VREDESHUIS (Gent/Belgium)

  • DOCUDAYS Film Festival (Lebanon)

  • Festival Du Film Court De Victo (Quebec/Canada)

  • New York City Shorts Film Festival (USA)

  • Golden Horse Film Festival (Taiwan)

  • Visionaria 2005 Film Festival (Siena/Italy)

  • London Palestine Film Festival (UK)

  • SYRACUSE Film Festival NYC (USA)

  • PARIS TOUT COURT Film Festival (France)

  • ZONE Film Festival (Belgium)

  • Aubagne International Film Festival (France)

  • Aarhus Festival of Independent Arts (Denmark)

  • Iowa City International Documentary Film Festival (USA)

  • COURTISANE International Film Festival (Gent/Belgium)

  • CANNES International Film Festival (France) Official invitation for special screening at SHORT FILM CORNER

  • FILMSTOCK International Film Festival (UK)

  • Zagreb International Short Film Festival (Croatia)

  • International Independent Film Festival Vienna (Austria)

  • Exhibition: The Last Session / De Brakke Grond (Amsterdam/Netherlands)

  • BEST DOCUMENTARY Award / Golden Horse Film Festival (Taiwan)

  • Prix du Public - Meilleur Premier film Européen / PARIS TOUT COURT (France)

  • BEST DOCUMENTARY Award / International Independent Film Festival Vienna (Austria)

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