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VLERNIKA Los Niños de La Guerra / Multimedia concert 28 min

Spain suffered a major civil war between 1936 to 1939. In 1937 ten thousands of children were evacuated from the horrible warzone. More than 3000 children found a new home in guest families in Ghent. A couple of the 'niños de la guerra' returned to their home country after the war, others started a new life in Belgium. Trefpunt, in cooperation with composer Dick van der Harst, director Fabio Wuytack and scriptwriter Brecht Vanmeirhaeghe, wants to emphasize the occurrences with a special multidisciplinary project. The exponent of the project is Vlernika, an extraordinary visual and musical story, which explores the links between history, experience and emotion.

  • Multimedia presentation during the opening night the annual festivities of the city of Ghent

  • Multimedia presentation during the festival NOORDERZON in Groningen

  • Multimedia presentation in culture venue ‘VOORUIT’ in Ghent filmed by ALFACAM for EXQI Culture.

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